Sunday, November 20, 2011

What I got from Versace for H&M

 I bought twelve items from Versace for H&M :
1. Purple Dress
2. Silk top
3. Silk skirt
4. Leather black shoes
5. Leather silver shoes
6. Choker
7. Bracelet
8. Sword Necklace
9. Black Belt
10.Tank Top
11. Orange Dress
12. Scarf

The twelve items is so adorable, the items is so artistic with afforable price. I'm so lucky can got Versace for H&M items because many people can't get it because Versace for H&M is limited edition. How about you? what you have got from Versace from H&M?


  1. love all your purchases! I just started following your blog! I would love it if you followed mine: