Sunday, November 20, 2011

Versace for H&M in Singapore

November 17 at 08.00 AM (Singapore time) in front of H&M store, lots of people screamed. They so excited about Versace for H&M launched. Versace for H&M in Singapore only launched at one store ( Somerset store), because Singapore only have one H&M store in there.
Lots of people waited for Versace for H&M. I thought that the queue is started from yesterday at 18.00(Singapore time) because I came at 20.30, the queue already very long.
I came with my brother but my brother didn't queue, he just accompanied me for one hour and he went home. In there, I met very nice Singaporean, his name Wayne and he came to waited Versace for H&M with his friend. Wayne is very nice Singaporean, I have ever met and he helped me a lot.
Actually this is my first time to waited branded collaboration with affordable price. At 3.00 AM in the morning i felt so regret to waited Versace for H&M because it to cold at the outside and i felt so tired, But when i passed the entrance H&M, I could saw the employees began to organize the items. I can saw the collection and I not felt regret anymore but i want to get there as soon as possible.

The rules of shopping determined by the color of bracelet and shopping time and i got green bracelet, it mean i can shop at 08.20 until 08.30.

Finally the collection has been launched and I got my Versace for H&M. So happy and excited too got this collection, wanna post soon wear my Versace for H&M. See u next year at H&M collaboration.

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